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Butterfly patterns were considered to be a symbol of good omen because they grew from a chrysalis into a graceful butterfly and flap their wings, overlapping with the female figure. In addition, butterflies flying high into the sky have been a symbol of longevity, immortality, and success in life. The butterfly pattern was considered to be an auspicious omen and was favored by Samurai warriors.

  • Information

    Sari Size: 4.9 x 1.1Meters

    Weight: 470g

    Material: The finest Japanese silk

    Colour: Butterfly pattern on white background is multi-colored. Real gold and silver leaf.

    Please note: The colour may slightly vary.

    Wash Care: Dry Clean only


    All Kyoto Yuzen saris are treated with a water repellent finish by Pearltone Co.,Ltd. which is the leading pioneer of the highest quality of water and stain repellent treatment in Japan.

    The silk is vulnerable to water-based stains. The Pearltone finish has made it possible to enjoy the freedom of wearing delicate silk saree without worrying about the weather, or the possibility of food and other stains.


    The product is highly effective against oil repellency, stains, mildew and also offers shrinkage resistance; as well as prevention of discoloration of gold and silver leaves.


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