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About Kyoto Yuzen Sarees

Wearable Art for a New Era

Tradition and innovation;

These two words represent the spirit of Kyoto's finest fashion artisans.

Over the centuries they have challenged the needs of new eras,

with the knowledge and experience of their ancient traditions. 
these words best describe the culture of Kyoto artisans.

For centuries our traditions have shown the tenacity to endure,

while taking on the challenges of each new era.

That is why our artisan culture thrives on diversity.

This is especially true in the noble and

elegant tradition of Kyoto Yuzen fabric painting and dyeing,

which has been loved and cherished

by Japan's Royal Family for centuries.
Our artisans are continually exploring new ways

to express even higher levels of beauty.

We have now taken the finest techniques of Japanese kimono artistry

to create this limited edition series of sarees.  

 Our aim is to utilize Kyoto Yuzen's top class fabric painting,

dyeing techniques and sophisticated design capabilities

to create this fine collection of "wearable art,"

inspired by the sari, the great fashion tradition

of the Indian sub-continent. 

Kyoto Cooperative Association of Kougeisensho

  We now make available this limited edition series of

50 Kyoto Yuzen sarees

Each hand painted sarees fabric took four to 6 months to be completed and underwent a minimum of

12 steps by Japan’s most skilled fashion artisans.



The Process of Art of Hand-Painting And Dyeing


Based on a Thousand Year Tradition

Many of the hand painting and dyeing techniques have existed since the 8th century,

but the distinct Yuzen technique was established by Miyazaki Yuzensai,

a renowned painter living in Kyoto toward the end of the 17th century. 

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